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Domestic violence is a pattern of intentional physical and psychological abuse, threats, intimidation, isolation, or economic coercion used by one person to exert POWER AND CONTROL over another person in the context of dating, family or a household relationship (The Network, 2022). We offer the following services and programs for survivors of domestic violence:

Advocacy and Resource Connection

Advocacy forms the backbone of the work that we do to support survivors and end the violence in their lives. Survivors work with our advocates to create safety plans and advocate for their needs. This can include orders of protection, child support, adjustment of immigration status, emergency shelter and a range of legal, medical and social services. Advocates act as guides and companions as they help survivors navigate complicated legal processes and social service systems. Click on the terms that are underlined to learn more.

Therapy and Support Groups

Survivors can participate in therapy and support groups that reinforce their mental health and social-emotional development. Click on the links below to learn more about our groups.

Women’s Support Group

LGBT+ Support Group

Personal Development Club for Men


Financial Assistance and Essential Items

In order to be able to respond comprehensively to the difficulties that survivors are facing, we store donations of PPE, hygiene, cleaning and baby supplies. We also have financial assistance available so that survivors can address emergencies, such as the need to pay for a hotel in order to have a safe place to spend the night.

Our advocates do not discriminate, and they understand that domestic violence affects individuals across all races, ethnicities, nationalities and social strata. They are particularly knowledgeable about how to support domestic violence survivors who are not citizens.
Click here to learn more about the challenges that these survivors face.

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