Orders of Protection

An order of protection is a paper signed by a judge that can help to keep someone safe from an abuser.

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Our advocates support survivors in navigating the process of getting an order of protection, including filling out paperwork and appearing in court if necessary.  An order of protection is defined as a court order that restricts an abuser and is only available to family or household members. An order of protection may:

  • Prohibit abuser from continuing threats and abuse (abuse includes physical abuse, harassment, intimidation, interference with personal liberty, or willful deprivation)
  • Bar abuser from shared residence or bar abuser while using drugs or alcohol
  • Order abuser to stay away from you and other persons protected by the order and/or bar abuser from your work, school, or other specific locations
  • Require abuser to attend counseling
  • Prohibit abuser from hiding a child from you or taking a child out of state
  • Require abuser to appear in court or bring a child to court
  • Give you temporary physical possession of children or give you temporary legal custody
  • Specify visitation rights (if and when visitation is awarded)
  • Bar abuser from accessing child’s records
  • Give you certain personal property and require abuser to turn it over, or bar abuser from damaging, destroying or selling certain personal property
  • Require abuser to pay you support for minor children living with you, require abuser to pay you for losses suffered from the abuse, require abuser to pay for your or your children’s shelter or counseling services
  • Require abuser to turn weapons over to local law enforcement, if there is danger of illegal use against you
  • Prohibit abuser from other actions
  • Protect you by requiring the abuser to take other actions

The information above is based on the 2020 Illinois Domestic Violence Act. More information about orders of protection can be found on the Attorney General’s Website.

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